About Ed Neilson


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Ed Neilson is Working for You! Ed is the Representative for the 174th Pennsylvania State House of Representative District.

After being elected to the State House, Neilson and his team hit the ground running and assisted almost 7,000 constituents with state issues in just 18 months. Ed Neilson had established a bi-partisan voting record and proved that he could work with both Republicans and Democrats in Harrisburg to get things done. Ed has done the same as a Member in the City of Philadelphia's City Council.

Prior to his first election, Neilson served as Deputy Secretary of Labor in Governor Ed Rendell’s administration. While serving as Deputy Secretary of Labor in the Rendell administration, a position in which he managed a staff of 6,000 employees, Ed worked side by side for years with Philadelphia elected officials to secure funding and other assets for the people of Philadelphia.

Meet Ed

Ed Neilson is dedicated to serving Philadelphia and has done so in numerous capacities. As a community leader, he has taken on numerous roles both within Government and in the private sector. He was appointed by former Governor Ed Rendell to serve on his executive staff, elected twice to the PA House of Representatives and is currently serving in Philadelphia City Council as an At-Large Member.

A True Philadelphian

Ed Neilson spent his entire life in Philadelphia, born at Northeastern Hospital in Kensington close to where his parents grew up. Although he has spent most of his life living north of Cottman Avenue, he has also lived in Kensington, Frankford, and Germantown. Ed Neilson is a product of the public school system, graduating from Abraham Lincoln High School in 1981. Upon graduating, in 1982, Ed began serving an apprenticeship to become an Electrician, following the two generations before him to also do so. His work ethic and determination, along with the support of his family, friends, and neighbors has allowed him to excel. As a lifelong union member, Ed understands the value of hard work and the sense of personal dignity it provides. During his tenure as a working union electrician and officer of IBEW Local 98, Ed managed many pro bono projects throughout the City of Philadelphia, among other charitable endeavors.  That civic-minded spirit continues to this day. Ed is widely known and respected for his fighter’s spirit and his willingness to stand up for the forgotten working families of Philadelphia’s proud neighborhoods.

Husband, Father, and Grandfather

A loving husband, father of five sons and a proud grandfather of a boy and a girl.  Ed first met his wife, a graduate of St. Hubert's High School, in 1988 and they married in 1995.  He currently lives in Northeast Philadelphia with his wife and three boys.  They are settled in the same house they started their family in.  While two of his children have started their own family, one is putting down roots in the Northeast near Ed and his wife.

Serving His Community

Ed is the face of the people he represents in the City of Philadelphia – a proud parent, a loving spouse, a supportive coach, and a hard-working individual who believes that our communities deserve better.

Ed’s experience in community leadership, service, business, and government affairs immediately earned him the respect of many of his peers. His work with numerous charities, coaching at the local boys and girls club and being a scout leader has helped him earn numerous accolades and awards.  Ed began volunteering in his community in 1980 at a mission house in Kensington and continues to donate his time and talents to numerous organizations and communities to this day. Volunteering is something that was instilled in him at a very young age and one that he continues to pass to his children as they still volunteer as a family in numerous community projects.

Building a Better Philadelphia

Ed's experience in working with both Democrats and Republicans, and his willingness and eagerness in assisting constituents of all walks of life were both displayed when Ed was first elected to PA House of Representatives in April 2012. While many talk about building a Better Philadelphia, not too many have a record of doing so. Ed has helped to secure much needed funding for schools, transportation, and infrastructure projects throughout the Philadelphia area. His record in Harrisburg adds to his past experience and is an indisputable record that Ed has done, not just talk. Ed has been able to accomplish all of this through hard work, persistence and determination. Ed brings all of his past experiences and knowledge to City Council along with the many relationships he made in the State Capitol. Ed is in City Council to Work for You and Build a Better Philadelphia for all of us.